The above logos were cut from 3 colors of carpet tile. The middle picture shows the detail that can be achieved with waterjet cutting of carpet tile. All of the logo pieces are put together, sectioned, labelled and packaged for installation (further explanation on VCT page).


The 12’ x 16’ logo was cut and put together with commercial cut pile broadloom. The surrounding carpet tiles were also cut to ensure a perfect fit. The cut pile was then beveled slightly to look good against the slightly lower carpet tiles.


This Hilton Hotel entry rug was fabricated by customer supplied outdoor carpet tile. A rubber backing was attached to the tiles and then reducer was added to achieve ADA compliance.



Carpet tile rugs are becoming popular due to their ease of handling and inexpensive installation. In this case the customer was concerned about the tripping hazard without a finished edge. We added the reducer to each tile and shipped the tiles to be put together on site.